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What are the requirements of refrigeration equipment for refrigeration oil


Due to the use of the occasion and the different refrigerant, refrigeration equipment, the choice of refrigeration oil is not the same. There are several aspects to the requirement of refrigeration oil:

1) one of the important parameters in the viscosity oil properties of the oil viscosity refrigeration oil, using different refrigerants to choose different. If the frozen oil viscosity is too large, it will make the mechanical friction power, friction heat and start torque increased. On the contrary, if the viscosity is too small, it will make the moving parts can form oil film required, which can not achieve proper lubrication and cooling effect.

 (2) with cloud point freezing oil is refers to the temperature , reduced to a certain value, the refrigeration oil began to wax precipitation, so that the lubricating oil becomes cloudy temperature. Refrigeration equipment used the cloud point of the refrigerant oil should be lower than the evaporation temperature of refrigerant, otherwise it will cause throttle blockage or affect the heat transfer performance.

3) the freezing point of the freezing point is cooled to the temperature of the stop flow under the experimental conditions. Refrigeration equipment refrigeration oil solidifying point should lower the better (such as the R22 compressor, refrigeration oil should be below - 55 DEG C), otherwise it will affect the refrigerant flow, increase flow resistance, which may lead to the consequences of poor heat transfer effect.

(4) flash frozen oil flash ignition refers to the occurrence of lubrication oil is heated to steam contact with the flame when it's your temperature. Refrigeration equipment used in refrigeration oil flash point must be than the exhaust temperature of up to 15 to 30 DEG C, so as not to cause oil combustion and coke.