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Low carbon, from the details of the start


Low carbon life is back to nature to man and nature of the activities, mainly from the energy-saving solar terms and recovery of the three links to change the details of life, including the following good habits of low carbon: to advocate low carbon, protect the earth

The amount of food stored in the refrigerator to account for 60% of the volume is appropriate, put too much or too little, all the cost of electricity. Between food, food and the refrigerator should be kept about 10 mm above the gap. A plurality of plastic box containing water, made of ice in the freezer and put into freezer, which can extend the downtime, reduce boot time.
Air conditioning startup current is large, electricity costs quite frequent switching, and easy to damage the compressor. Air conditioning fan on the bottom of the machine, use the fan to improve cooling effect of wind. Turn on immediately after the open air fan. Can not have air conditioning at night, saving nearly 90%. Set in the dehumidifying air-conditioning mode, this time even if the temperature is cool and can be slightly higher, and the cooling mode than in power.